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Greening of Humidification

posted Oct 27, 2010, 6:25 AM by C. Germann
High-efficiency dispersion tube option for new and existing Ultra-sorb and Rapid-sorb dispersion assemblies. 
High-efficiency tubes provide significant energy savings: Wasted energy is reduced by up to 85%. 
Airstream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production are also significantly lowered.
    Energy savings provides product payback in less than 1½ years.
    Condensate reduction correlated directly to energy savings.
    Condensate reduction allows for smaller steam generators to be used.
    Adding PVDF insulation to dispersion tubes causes no excessive airflow pressure drop.
    Approved for use in plenums: meets UL 723 and ASTM E84 smoke and flame requirements with no harmful outgassing.
    Rated for high-temperature operations.