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CoilMaster Corp.  |  is a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturer of quality coils and condensers. Just outside the city limits of Memphis, Coilmaster operates two factories totaling over 240,000 square feet. Our plant is designed to accommodate the material inventories, manufacturing area, quality assurance stations and test and product development areas that we need in order to produce a product that will meet most any requirement and exceed customer expectations.

Coilmaster's engineering department can provide you with the most cost effective selections for your specific performance requirements. Our qualified staff can assist you with even the most challenging requests.

Anderson Snow  |  Since 1954, The Anderson-Snow Corporation has served the chemical, food, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, utility, and general industrial markets manufacturing the highest quality coils. ANSCOR is able to provide effective solutions that meet the special needs and requirements of its customers. This is achieved by fabricating a complete line of custom industrial grade finned tube coils that are suitable for the end users specific application and conditions it operates under.