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Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls     |     Thermal Recovery Systems is the Atlanta, and Georgia representative for Phoenix Controls, manufacturer of critical flow control equipment and environmental controls.

For more than 20 years, the name Phoenix Controls has meant peace of mind for thousands of corporations around the globe. Our customers know the quality and reliability of the Phoenix Controls venturi valve and control system is second to none. Yes, we know safety is the primary reason our customers choose us. But today, there are even more reasons to design our valves into projects. Our innovative airflow control solutions provide new ways to save energy and reduce the cost of maintaining HVAC systems.

Research Environments conducting extensive wet chemistry or hazardous biological experiments and production demand the safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for ventilation, pressurization and comfort controls. Phoenix Controls’ Celeris® platform combines the proven accuracy, stability and reliability of the Accel® II venturi valve with a dedicated digital controller to perform these functions. The valve controllers work together on a room level network to produce a high performance environmental control system that seamlessly integrates to any BACnet® capable building management system.

Life Science facilities call for research integrity, system flexibility, and reduced operating costs. A high performance mechanical system is integral to providing these features. Our Traccel® room control system also based on the Accel venturi valve utilizes a room control module overseeing multiple valves to provide superior space controls. This unique architecture maintains the accuracy and reliability for which Phoenix is famous at a cost point competitive with conventional air terminal units. In addition, the control system integrates seamlessly to any BMS partner via either BACnet or LonWorks® protocols or pairs with the Celeris system for multidisciplinary research facilities.

Healthcare organizations require superior infection control, energy conservation and low maintenance mechanical systems. Phoenix’s Theris® family of airflow control devices and space control systems have be designed to meet these needs and provide for future demands of increased space pressurization control and critical event response. The benefits of the Accel valve’s flow metering technology is core to meeting these needs and the control system functions are designed to provide features such as innovative surgical suite energy conservation and pandemic ready patient areas. As with all our digital control product is seamlessly integrated to the BMS system for remote monitoring and fault response.