About Us

"Purveyors of America's finest hand crafted mechanical equipment"

THERMAL RECOVERY SYSTEMS, INC. | was founded in 1975 as a manufacturers’ representative, representing ten to fifteen lines of specialty airside mechanical HVAC products in the State of Georgia. TRS assists building owners, design engineers and mechanical contractors in the selection, application, and design of air handling, air flow, air filtration, humidification, dehumidification, noise control and energy recovery systems. Some of the manufacturers that are represented include Camfil/Farr, Phoenix Controls, Paragon Controls, Kinetics Noise Control, Dri-Steem Humidifier Company, Q-Pac, SLD Technologies,UV Resources, Atmos-Tech. Many of these lines have been represented by Thermal Recovery Systems for more than twenty years.

The TRS main office is located near Atlanta in a 15,000 square foot office/warehouse with branch offices in Augusta and Savannah. TRS covers the State of Georgia with eight degreed sales engineers and employs two full time start-up engineers with more than thirty years of HVAC experience. The TRS team of sales engineers has worked to earn the respect of the HVAC community for their expertise in airside product application, and customer response.

Some of the major owner accounts that have been developed across the state include The Centers for Diseases Control, Emory University, Emory Healthcare, General Mills, The Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Chatham County School System, Proctor and Gamble, Berry College, Rayonier, Georgia Pacific, Southern Company, Northside Hospital Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Gwinnett Medical Center, and many other industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Air Filter Sales and Service, Inc., a subsidiary of Thermal Recovery Systems, is a stocking distributor for Camfil/Farr, Fiberbond, Glassfloss and Filtration Group. AFS sells and distributes aftermarket air filters throughout the State of Georgia, employing three outside and two inside sales engineers. AFS sales engineers service end users, building managers, and service contractors with their expertise in the filtration of air systems to protect equipment, processes and personnel.